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About Rachel

Rachel is a collective of Non-material Beings who are Trevor Sturgess' Friends or Angels. Trevor speaks and writes on a daily basis about inspirational Law Of Attraction, Wisdom, Spirituality and motivation from Rachel on the Facebook group: "Rachel Sturgess - The Philosophy of Magnetism"

The Teachings of Rachel are about the Philosophy of Magnetism, which you may know as The Law of Attraction. You magnetically pull towards yourself that which you predominantly feel and think about. Most people still do this unconsciously and draw to themselves without even knowing it.

When you become aware of your Magnetic Power and how to direct these Force Fields, your life will change forever. The book, The Philosophy of Magnetism (Law Of Attraction), by Rachel Sturgess is on its way. You only see a small part of your existence in the material. A very short bit of road right in front of you. Yet, there is so much more available when you allow your mind to travel out of the physical to the place where you come from.

That is where all energy dwells, everything that is, lives there. Source, which you are a part of, is there. This is your Spiritual Hub. If you ask, you will be given the feeling of it. We are explaining something which you need to feel and not try to understand. This goes beyond your logic and science. Feeling is believing. Believing is seeing. Trevor met Rachel through the guidance and teachings of Abraham, with Esther and Jerry Hicks. For this he will always be grateful. Our hope is that through our teachings you find your own Non-material Friends and begin your own journey.

Rachel Sturgess.

Wisdom Quotes

Life really does keep getting better and better, because each new day there is no need to look back and compare. There's only Now and the future to look forward to.

The solid Knowing that it is going to be good. That you are going to smile. That your feeling good in this moment is the Pre-emptive Preparation which is your journey of wonder and delight.

People will probably think that you are a real fruitcake if you tell them that your life is full of rainbows, sparkles, and surprises. So, do not tell anyone. Keep the beauty to yourself and revel in these moments.

Our book is progressing beautifully, and Trevor is extremely excited with the new insights and descriptions we are putting forward.


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