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How I lost so much weight & became Sexy


This is going to be great fun! Join me on 28 February 19h00 (South Africa) as I talk about how I lost so much weight.

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My journey on this amazing path started several years ago with Abraham on YouTube which led me to connecting with Rachel, my Non-material Friends. Rachel taught me that my Alignment is everything.

Alignment is everything.

Alignment is everything.

Alignment is everything.

My awesome friend and brother, Ryan Taylor, who lives on the other side of the world, has been sending the beautiful sunset/rise pics and videos that we've enjoyed for a few years now. 😊 ❤️

So, in leading with my Alignment, we'll be posting the new content onto Rachel's YouTube Channel:

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Please join us there and subscribe. This means a huge amount to me. ❤️

All our love

Trev & Rachel

Trevor was reminded in the last few days just how important his Alignment is to him. We say that your Alignment is the most important thing in your life. The reson we say this is because when you are Aligned with Your Magnet, Your Eternal God Energy, everything around you comes right. When you are Aligned with Your Magnet, you attract the best and push away that which does not serve you.

Trevor has found people arguing with him about this because Trevor refuses to talk to someone with a long sad story and bad Energy. You see, listening to someone else telling a story about how unfair this is and what happened to them and why it happened - does not serve Trevor at all. He asks the person to keep quiet. If they don't stop talking, he leaves the room. People say he's very rude but he doesn't care.

On the weekend, Trevor got rattled by such an event and we requested him to go and have another Alignment Time. He did and felt a lot better a few minutes later. Do your Alignment Time as my times as you need to in the day. Start your day with Alignment Time. Your Alignment is for You alone. This is sometimes seen as selfish. If you do not make Your Alignment your priority, you will not do your best loving and protecting those around you. When You are in Alignment, everyone benefits from Your Magnet. Abundance and Alignment are the same thing.

To be Abundant in everything you think about and everything You are, get into Alignment. Alignment with your Magnet is the only thing in life that counts. All the rest is for fun.


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About Rachel

Rachel is a collective of Non-material Beings who are Trevor Sturgess' Friends or Angels. Trevor speaks and writes on a daily basis about Inspiration, Motivation, Wisdom and Spirituality from Rachel on the Facebook group: "Rachel Sturgess - The Philosophy of Magnetism"

The Teachings of Rachel are about the Philosophy of Magnetism, which you may know as The Law of Attraction. You magnetically pull towards yourself that which you predominantly feel and think about. Most people still do this unconsciously and draw to themselves without even knowing it.

When you become aware of your Magnetic Power and how to direct these Force Fields, your life will change forever. The book, The Philosophy of Magnetism (Law Of Attraction), by Rachel Sturgess is on its way. You only see a small part of your existence in the material.

A very short bit of road right in front of you. Yet, there is so much more available when you allow your mind to travel out of the physical to the place where you come from.

That is where all energy dwells, everything that is, lives there. Source, which you are a part of, is there. This is your Spiritual Hub. If you ask, you will be given the feeling of it. We are explaining something which you need to feel and not try to understand. This goes beyond your logic and science. Feeling is believing. Believing is seeing.

Trevor met Rachel through the guidance and teachings of Abraham, with Esther and Jerry Hicks. For this he will always be grateful. Our hope is that through our teachings you find your own Non-material Friends and begin your own journey.

Rachel Sturgess.

The Anticipated Book Release Of The Year:

" GEMS "

The Philosophy Of Magnetism

It's finally happening. Trevor is making our booklet. It's a 16 page, hand made, individually numbered, individually signed, addressed to You, collector's item. We call it Gems. These pages are worth far more than any treasure. With these Gems you will transform your life into an amazing Earth experience.

You can live the life of your dreams. You are supposed to be wildly in love with life and your lover. You should have an abundance of everything, Now. Yes, an abundance of Love, Happiness, Health, Money, Sex and whatever you desire.

These selected writings will remind you about your Resonance, your Magnetism & the keys to living an amazingly happy and fulfilled life. You can order your personalized Gems Booklet by inboxing Trevor. Trevor is immensely proud of this project. He'll be decorating each book with his own acrylic painting and jewelry. There's a lot of love here for the individuals who will be fortunate enough to buy one of these extremely limited Booklets

The Booklet is coming along nicely. Trevor experienced the most wonderful contrast in the last month and won't be able to release it in August as he planned. We have our own plan. The Booklet will launch when it launches. We can tell you that Trevor is feeling an excitement and direction about it that he hasn't felt before...and it feels good to him. He likes it.

Every morning during Trevor's Alignment Time, he asks for the best, most amazing and incredible outcomes. We mention this a lot because it has been the single biggest change for the better in his life. Two weeks a ago his house almost burnt down. Tomorrow the work team from the insurance starts repairs, bringing Newness to the house. Best possible outcome without him trying to orchestrate anything. It wasn't just the house.

The fire signalled a waking up of everyone involved and definitely Trevor. When your house is burning down there is a lot of Energy happening. He's still working through the Energy. He doesn't look back at the event at all. It's the Energy he is working out Now. Trevor isn't always the smiling, happy, got it all worked out person that comes across on Meta. The only time he has it all together is that split second when the photo is being taken. We smile because nobody on Earth has it all together. Trevor does have the most incredible life though which is magical and joyous and loving.

The message we convey is that anyone, anywhere in the world, can immediately feel good Now and start a New magnetic attraction to themselves, attracting everything that All Existence knows they will LOVE. If you're unhappy with your Now, then that is where you will always stay, no matter how good it gets in the future. Love your Now and start a New journey. Be Happy. Let All Existance sort it all out. You will receive prompts along the way. Act on these promises as soon as you can.

new rachel sturgess book released

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Trevor had a very special awareness today that He, Is, the Magnet. He was riding around the suburb on his electric scooter. He's quite well known on the area. He just waved and smiled and scooted on, with the wind in his hair. He met up with someone and started chatting about how it all works. As Trevor was talking He could feel us talking to him and through him at the same time.

The person mentioned an amazing Energy. You, are the Magnet. Nothing comes into your experience that you did not attract. So, if you're going through a rough time, it's because you're attracting it. You Are the Magnet. If you spend a lot of time commiserating about how unfair life is and telling everybody how terrible other people are, then Your Magnet attracts that Energy. You may have every reason in the world to feel upset and done in and hurt....but it doesn't serve you to feel that.

The trick is to gently start moving over to the Happy Side and cutting out arguments, disagreements and thoughts which do not serve you. Then you let in the Goodness of All Existence. You don't have to agree with everybody. When you feel the red rising up in you or any other feelings of hate or shame or negativity, You walk away from that and find your Alignment.

When you begin to Consciously Align you with YourSelf or whoever you call God, then everything begins to change around you. You don't need the drama. Be playful and happy.

Trevor is finding super results from within difficult times of contrast by choosing to focus on something good instead of the problem. Choosing to feel happy while going through a period of difficulty takes an undoubting, absolute belief that your thoughts, feelings and emotions become your magnet of attraction.

If you think and feel anger, see red a lot, fight, argue and generally be a belligerent old geyser, then you will attract more of the exact things you're fighting about. Works the other way too with happy thoughts, feelings and emotions. You magnetically pull to Yourself more to be happy about.

Being consciously happy in a time of contrast creates a stronger magnet of attraction.

Don't feel happy because you want to get something. Feel happy for the sake of feeling happy....and all these things shalll be added unto you.

Two things have been making their point felt in Trevor's resonance lately. The first is the old slogan: To thine own self be true. This might have been the first cliché ever, yet it says such a lot. What other people have or think or do or feel has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Especially when you think its about yourself. We smile. Trying to impress anyone except YourSelf is not worth all the effort. Do the things you do well for YourSelf. Then it doesn't matter who likes it or not. The second thing is the topic of living well below your means. Life is simple and beautiful, yet you have this ingenious way of making it complicated and expensive.

Abundance is not about showing people how well you're doing by getting into huge debt and buying over the top clothes, cars and houses. We want you to feel abundance in the simple things like love, joy, happiness, friendships, pets, sunsets & sunrises, exciting journeys coming up, meeting new people, smiling and feeling that inner resonance of perfection. Let All Existence provide what you want. Ask and then leave it out there. It will always be answered.

The sun was setting from behind as Trevor carefully this pic while driving. All Existence is always there for you, in every way, every day, no matter where you stay. There is no comparison to you in the Universe. Comparing Yourself to others is a totally flawed way of determining your worth. Because you naturally look at what they have achieved, the car they drive, the clothes they wear, the partners they have...and you come to the conclusion that that is what happiness and success is.

Nothing could be further than the truth. It reminds Trevor of a poem he read many years ago with a story something like this. A young lady was working in a field next to a road. She watched the carriages pass by, carrying important people. One day the Royal procession came past. Looking out of the window was the Queen. She had reigned for many years and was well loved and very wealthy.

The young lady looked at her with longing . She wished she could be the Queen, with her beautiful clothes and people serving her. The Queen looked at the young lady. She saw her strong young body and her long hair. She saw the beauty of her youth. The Queen wished she could be the young lady, healthy and full of life. She longed for her youth and to be working in that field.

Whatever you are, wherever you are, whatever you do, You are amazing. Find contentment and happiness with who You really are. Trying to be like others is futile. Real Estate properties all over the world are valued using the comparative method valuing. They compare what other similar properties have sold for in the area and this gives a basic starting point.

You are not a property. You are more than just a material entity. You are an eternal God, Godess on Earth, here to create joy, love, fulfillment and happiness, no matter where you live or what you have. Spend some quiet time every day dedicated just to YourSelf. When you are lined up with All Existence, you will quietly dominate wherever and with whoever you find YourSelf.

Dominance is not about muscles or strength or talking louder than everyone. Real power is a quiet resonance of happiness and surety about who You really are.


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