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Public Speaking

Trevor is loved and is a highly sought after motivational speaker. Book a session with Trevor today!


Personal writing from Rachel. US $12.00 to @trevorsturgess on PayPal. Send me a message.

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Consulting / Coaching

Motivational and Inspiration one on one Consulting / Coaching with Trevor & Rachel

//   'Today I received the most beautiful message from Rachel. It inspired me, filled my heart with joy, and touched me so deeply that I shed a tear. ❤️ Its not the first time. I have been asking Rachel questions through Trevor for some time now; when I have doubts, dilemmas or contrast. It is just lovely to have this in my life. ❤️ Thank you Trevor and Rachel. 🌞'

Taken from: Penelope Lemon (Facebook)

//   " Listen, there is no power in wondering what the future will be. Save money, sure, but have fun saving it. Love making those deposits into an investment. Even if it's ten bucks. You've put TEN BUCKS in a special savings, investment, crypto, whatever. It's never about how much money you have or save or grow. It's all about how you feel.
Focus on the good. "


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