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[ The Philosophy Of Magnetism ]

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Sometimes Trevor feels like things are too much and there's not enough happening. You have an old cliché that says: " Let Go and Let God." Do this and you'll feel better right away. Think of God as a Higher Intelligence that will handle anything if you let them.

You don't have to control everything all the time. Let life flow. Enjoy the ride. Love your Now. Reaching goals will make you happy for a short while but loving your Nowness means you live in heaven, forever.

Trevor is moving / progressing his life into more ease and less work. He's starting to see the freedom in not chasing the corporate carrot anymore. This has big implications for him in the material. He's also seeing with clarity the path he should be walking with his wife Ruth.

The way has become easy as well. The best things in life happen easily, even when you think they're hard, they're easy. Let the right doors open for you and then trust All Existence with the details as you walk along a new and exciting journey. Nothing stays the same.

When things don't look good for you, remember that you aren't seeing the big picture like we are. You are seeing life through a pin prick of a hole. Everything is in a constant change. People will come into your life and then exit. Situations will become different. Your reality today will be different tomorrow.

One of Trevor's biggest lessons is that he has no control over other peoples energies. Especially when they are in a bad mood. The best thing he can do is take care of his own resonance and not become a part of that person's vibrational reality. He does this by physically walking away, stop talking, stop thinking about the drama of that person after an episode of fireworks. It makes no sense for him to dwell in the unhappiness of other peoples minds.

There is a great freedom in not giving a hoot what people think when you feel that their energy is not in line with your happiness. Your #magnetism will oppose and push away the unwanted when you are reaching for a better feeling. Your thoughts shape your feelings and your feelings create your reality. Whether you are happy or sad or nonchalant, it is your feelings, your emotions, which are the main factor in determining your Now.

If something is not serving you, let it go. When you find something you love, give it all your attention. Make it your favourite and best thing to do and be. You are meant to be a happy being. Be happy. Its your choice to be, whatever you want to be, by being it. Don't let the material fool you. Write down things which make you feel good.

The gift of difficulties, hard times, pain, opposition and even hopelessness is not normally seen as something special from All Existence. Its usually, met with a loud question: "Why me, God?" We smile because whatever is going on in your life now, you created, on your journey. Trevor has been battling with a sore throat and a touch of asthma. So where's the gift in pain? The sore throat and asthma comes from Trevor trying to smoke a pipe, which he thought would look cool. Dummy.

He stopped smoking cigarettes in 2010 and now remembers why. No more pipe for Trev. This is a small example of how "bad" things happen to make a much better picture and feeling. Dealing with pain is difficult but with a conscious focus on something else, something enjoyable, the pain will subside. This is where Trev is tonight - trying to shift attention away from a sore throat to something which makes him feel good.

Your seeming harmless sarcastic remarks about subjects which irk you is a sure fire way to bring contrast and challenges into your life. We like this word "irk" because it suggests something which brings up a sharp red emotion in you.

This could be people that you don't like, the government, paying tax or anything which causes you to feel a sting of resentment, dislike or hate. Wish everyone the best. For those you don't like, wish them double blessings. Your spells going out become a part of you. Help others by loving YourSelf enough to say NO, a lot.

Good business men and women are tuning into an energy that is bountiful, overflowing and never ending. Even when things fail, they see them succeed. They are looking at the resolved issue instead of the problem. They know that if you spend more time thinking about solutions, than problems, then the problem will be solved, every time

Today is the best time to start leading your feelings, instead of having your emotions going wherever they go. Understand that most people are responding and acting out on their own emotional presence, whatever that is. Its easy to see that anything can happen here. There is no control.

Emotional roller coasters happen here a lot. Right now you can be leading your life and things will start going your way, if you simply take charge of what feelings you are allowing yourself to have. Anything from neutral to orgasm is on the positive side and is fine. All Existence will take over here. But when you're bogged down with heavy negative emotions, then you are attracting things that you don't want, by being that equivalent.

When you hear people talking negatively about themselves or others, smile and notice what's going on in that person's life. Then look at someone who has a positive outlook and energy on life. See what reality they have? They both get what they talk about, think about, feel about.

Write your own holy book
Yes, you can. You are just as saintly and holy and chosen as any of the people in history now known as saints or thought leaders. You are a Thought Leader, even though a lot of the time you don't even know what you're thinking about. This is you being a lazy thinker most of the day that you're awake. Daydreaming in a happy space is great fun and not being lazy at all though. This is the best. Worrying is the wrong side because it does no good at all. Find something to be happy about.

Occupy your own space. Be concerned more about your own comfort than any other issues. What's happening in your own space is more important than what's going on in the news. Your feelings are what count. Other peoples feelings are nice to acknowledge but what for? It's YOUR feelings that are important. Mind your own business and simplify your life.

Be playful
One of the most productive things you can do is to be playful. Be silly. It makes you feel happy and brings in energies that make you feel great. Emotions are how you translate energy. You usually get the energy and respond to it with an emotion. Your emotions here are totally dependant on what energy comes to you. You could have a real up and down day. What you want to do is create the emotion you want first. This is the magnet for the energy that you seek. You do this subconsciously anyway. Conscious Magnetic Creation is very exciting because you get attract the reality that you want. What do you want?

Embracing the unknown
There will always be something to be fearful about. When you know, that in All Existence, nothing that can go wrong, then you can start breathing easier. It's all going to be okay. Things you don't know about you just need to be reminded of. You're a part of All Intelligence. You come from All Eternity and you’ll go back there, where there is no worries or pain or tears. All Existence manages everything beautifully and to the second correctly. Love what you're doing now and the people you're with and watch All Existence fill in the gaps.

Whatever you're doing, do it with joy and love and happiness. Feel fulfillment in your chest and tummy as you breathe in deeply and then exhale slowly. Smile inside to YourSelf and feel excited for what is on its way.

If you want to create your own reality, it makes sense to be more concerned with your own reality than other peoples lives. What your friends, family, colleagues and other famous people are doing has nothing to do with you. How they got to where they are now is also not your concern unless you are learning from it. People have become so accustomed to feeding off of others for their daily activity. Scrolling through social media, constantly looking for something to invigorate themselves or argue about. Many are searching for God or a Higher Power to give them a to them...give them guidance. Look inside you to YourSelf. You have all you need right where you are. Spend more time with YourSelf. Scrap the news feeds. The world will survive quite nicely without your opinion.

Your Career
Your real Career is feeling joy. We promise you that everything will work out well. Super duper brilliantly well. You may as well be a happy magnet and attract joy while you hurry around "making" things happen. Enjoy whatever you're doing so much that people can't help smiling when they're around you. You're not doing it for them though. This is all about You. Finding Better.

There is a million ways to gently move towards a better feeling place, no matter where you are. Finding those incredible emotions inside yourself, again, is a wonderful time. This is a conscious decision to rudely block off those people and things which are not assisting in how you are feeling. If you can assist someone and feel good about it, that's wonderful. Look after YourSelf first though.

Trevor has little doubts that creep into his mind about how things are going to be. Like a little worry in the back of his head. Sometimes it's being concerned about other people not liking him anymore, for whatever reason, other times he worries about their family business and wonders what will happen if it stops going well. This normally happens during a dip in the figures. For any of you that can identify with Trevor, we want to impress in you that a little bit of worry is not a bad thing. Be conscious of it though and do not let doubt disable your life. This is a time to believe, from deep within YourSelf, that everything, everything is going to be just great. You do not need to be timid or shy or afraid just because you feel a touch of insecurity creeping into your mind. You have All Existence at your fingertips. Trust the process. The process is to find what makes you feel good first and then take care of everything else.

This word, Ease, feels like, easy, pleased, effortlessly, serenity, peace. It's a natural happening, which flows. Nothing is forced. Feel the gears of All Existence slotting in, meshing perfectly together, as she takes you to where you want to be and way further, when you allow her. She always gives you exactly what you've become a magnet of. You become a magnet of your own choosing by that which you spend your time emotioning about. That which you let yourself feel.
There is no struggle anymore. Be happy where you are, Now.

Understanding Feelings The language of All Existence is not English or any of the spoken languages you have on Earth. It's not a spoken language at all. Its an ongoing feeling, one moment to the next, through eternity, of whatever you are entertaining and allowing your emotions to channel. If you are not consciously watching your emotions you will be caught up with whatever the media is broadcasting and fall right into their owners guidance, suggestion and leading. The media is all around you. Its on your phone, your Google searches, your TV, your messages, your browsing, driving around, billboards, radio...creating an orchestra and army of emotional slaves. When you choose happiness within yourself, you do that by yourself, for yourself and with YourSelf. There is no outside permission or encouragement needed. When you feel happy with YourSelf you have everything and everything you want is on its way to you. Play with your feeling good emotions. There are many different kinds of feelings. A Kaleidescope of emotions which will thrill you for all eternity as you browse through and experience their joy

How far have you come in your life? Doesn't matter. How much money have you accumulated? Doesn't matter. How many partners have you slept with? Doesn't matter. Are you religious? Doesn’t matter. Are you atheist? Doesn't matter. Where will you be in five years time? Doesn't matter. We see you conforming to some kind of standard or movement or philosophy and none of it matters. All that matters is the joy you feel Now as you connect with your Eternal Being. Lose anything which takes away from your joy or learn how to handle it joyfully. When you connect with your Eternal Being, you will not hurt others and you will be obeying the ten commandments. Somebody needs to hear this.

No Comparison You can never compare yourself to anyone else and judge how well or badly you've done, looking at them. Your eternal Being has no interest in what others are doing or saying. You alone are the Master of your own space in All Existence. You choose how you want things to be, by what you resonate with your feelings. You become the magnet of your feelings. Small successes make a happy day. Congratulate yourself when you turn a bad thought around and move towards a better feeling. Say well done to yourself when you walk away from negative people. Enjoy a deep breath, in, out, and a smile. Reward yourself for making this the best moment. Loving this presence.

The world wide awakening is first and foremost about you finding YourSelf. You discovering the Kingdom of Heaven within. There has never been a better time to be able to sit back and laugh at the world comedy theatre and how people look for happiness in things, products, places, money, people.

Your happiness should never be determined by how much money you have, what type of car you drive, what your friends say, what you think other people think, how many likes & followers you have….and definitely not who the President of your country is.

Materialize Joy within YourSelf, Now, by feeling it. When the other thoughts like: "but what about that thing she said about me" pops up, imagine a strong breeze blowing those thoughts and images away. The solid thoughts to have are those which make you happy. The rest are useless. If you think its time to for serious thought, have fun with it.

Always be moving towards a better feeling Magnetism. Even when it feels like the world is falling apart, nobody understands, finances are short, tempers are high and it all seems impossible. This is an amazing time to take a second and smile. Look out for what it is that's shifting. We promise you that right around the corner from this you will come across great blessings,
Be the magnetism that attracts the goodness from All Existence by taking a second to feel a bit of happiness. Happiness that you feel is the magnet for more happy feelings. Material things follow.

Token Giving

Money has an immense spiritual significance. This is because such a huge amount of focus is placed on it. People see money as a blessing when they have lots of it and as a curse when they are short of it. The exact same happens when people don’t have enough money. They see that as a curse as well.

Some people have said that money is the root of all evil. It’s not. Too much attention on the subject of money will certainly bring unhappiness to any home though. Too much focus on any one thing causes problems. Too much food, too much sex, too much gambling, too much alcohol…

So the problem isn’t with money. The problem can come in with what the money represents to each person. It’s fair to say that most people don’t have enough money. Money represents shortage to them. Money should be representing unlimited Bountifulness.

This is because they have never learned about Token Giving. Most people are short of money because they never give any of it away, as a Spiritual Token, and when they do, it is not in the spirit of Token Giving. It’s often with a reserved or even unhappy feeling. We’re not talking about giving two bucks to a hobo. We’re talking about a specific gift of love to somebody or something as the key to opening up the channels, your mind, your physical bank account for money and love to come to you.

Token Giving is not only in money. It is also in love. You can show a love token by spending some time with someone or by writing an email building someone or creating a special post up or by giving everyone at your office a small chocolate as a token of love.

Token Giving is the most powerful way for you to loosen up the constraints you have in your life, because it frees up any concerns about what you’re going to get in and puts you in a place of releasing, opening up, freeing up your mind, yourself, to what is coming to you anyway, if you don’t block it. Most folks are very well meaning in their budgets and financial constraints but they continue to battle because they have never been a Token Giver.

Here are some guidelines to Token Giving:

1) Your Token is one of Appreciation. You gladly give it. Make a special occasion out of your Token Giving, to Yourself. You have done something very special.
2) You know that the returns on your Token will be huge when the time is right. The returns will come back to you in multiple, incredible ways.
3) You do give to receive. You give to put yourself right in the Breeze of All Goodness. You give to get a good feeling. You give because you know how powerful your Token is. There is always an incredible return.
4) It doesn’t matter how much you give, as long as that Token has a personal significance to you.
5) Bless the receiver of your Token. Give to someone who will receive it with love and appreciation.
6) Your Token is your Spiritual Symbol of Freedom, Joy, Love, Happiness and Growth in your material life. Your Token is alive. It works in ways which surpass human understanding. Your Token never fails.
Start your first Token Giving to Trevor Sturgess Here if you like . Trevor does not need your money but he does appreciate it and receives it with great love in return to the Token Giver.

Find what makes you happy and do that. This could be as simple as listening to music which lifts your spirit. Do a little dance in your own bedroom. Feel the goodness flowing from all existence through you. Do not force anything or anyone to do or say or be anything that you think suits you better. Your focus should be on Yourself, nobody else.

The way to be the most productive, happy, and fulfilled is to look at Yourself and love what you see and feel. Start working it out from there. Get guidance from Yourself and follow it. That is, you following God. This is very exciting.

Emotions precede material gain.

If there is something you want, feel happy first, then those desires of yours will come to you naturally. If you check every five minutes on the progress and start worrying about how it’s going to happen, you are getting in the way The best way to manifest that which you want is to manifest your own bliss first and let All Existance do the rest.

Resting in the knowledge that everything is going to work out perfectly has a great sense of relief attached to it. This knowing comes from your eternal side. This is Yourself telling you that everything is wonderful. That the joy you are manifesting now is all you need to keep every material object you have ever wanted to come your way. The physical will always take care of itself when you manifest joy first.

Becoming synchronized is wonderful. We call synchronicity your conscious application of attracting good. Like when someone's name pops into your head and you call them out of the blue. They often answer you with disbelief because they have been thinking about you as well. This is an energy that transposes space and time. It does not matter how far away you are from someone or something. The energy with you is just as palpable on the other side.

When your body is out of synch, you become ill. This stems directly from a mind and soul out of synchronicity with Yourself. The biggest proof of this is how meditation makes you feel immediately better. You are quieting down and synchronizing with Yourself. This connection always brings peace and healing. There is … What is real success to you?

There can only ever be success, happiness, joy and abundance right Now. Does this mean that all your past successes mean nothing? Yes, they mean nadda. The only good thing past successes may be good for is the happy feeling you get when you think about that past victory. This emotion is very short, and you can't dwell there though. Success is also not a money thing.

Everyone we see that has lots of money, wants more money. Success will never be achieved by chasing finances. Success is a feeling you get. It is a thrill. An electricity that runs through you. It is an excitement that you are discovering something new. There is a walking through into the unknown, with no path, and making discoveries which are thrilling. It is an energy… There is always something to be happy about.

Right now, there are a million things which you can appreciate and adore. The benefits of becoming compulsively appreciative are huge. Your life will never be the same once you start adopting an attitude of Compulsive Appreciation. The journey you are on is never ending. Now is eternity. To be happy Now is to live happily ever after. The story books are true.

This philosophy has been called The Secret, but it is no secret. You get more of what you let yourself predominantly feel.

This does not have to be difficult. In fact, it does not take long to turn a downward spiral of difficulty, sickness, and shortage, into an upward journey of ease, health, love, joy and abundance.

We see folks making far too much work out of it all and hanging onto old baggage. If you have an ongoing family feud or argument going on with family, colleagues, or people you do not even know, for whatever reason, you are doing yourself in.

Let go of people who owe you money. Forget about the apology somebody was supposed to give you. Stop worrying about the person who got ahead faster than you did. Let go of your children and know they will …

Love for no reason. Love the stars, love the trees, love the rain, love the wind, love your walk around the block, love the neighbour, love your pets, love the children playing, love the bugs, love the flowers, love the mountains, love the mornings, love the sunrise, love the night, love the sunset, love the darkness, love the feeling of love, love your wanted outcome, love the best of where you are now.

When you consciously look for things to love, more to love will make its way to you.

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